Content Development

You have only seconds.
Make every word count.

Content for people, not algorithms.

You’re a web user. What works for you?

You’ve gone online to complete a task. When too many words — or the wrong words — get in your way, you may simply move on. Your customers are no different. That’s why the content we create for you is centered on your customers, speaking to them in a clear, conversational way to help them get things done. The net result is a satisfied customer who has a good impression of your company.

The power of traditional media is declining, but the importance of traditional approaches to marketing is on the rise. Marketing fundamentals are the same regardless of the channel you use to send your content into the world:

  • Craft messages that convey who you really are
  • Be clear about what you to have to offer
  • Talk about benefits first and features last
  • Keep it simple
Instead of focusing on what search engines want, give readers what they need.

The more the search engines tweak the science behind search results, the closer they move to rewarding straight-up, authentic content. And that’s what site visitors want in the first place. By keeping your content original and true, you’ll not only weather the algorithm storms — you’ll also do a better job of building a solid brand and trust with your customers.

Let’s tell your true story.

When we work with you on content, we start by learning how your company makes your customers’ lives better. Then we put that into language that’s right for your readers, the device or site they’re on, and where they are in the sales journey with you. The words on a landing page that people encounter when they’re close to engaging with you should be different from those in an in-depth blog post, for example. In both places, though, there should be one voice that tells your story in a consistent way.

Your content will be optimized to make it easier for customers to find you without compromising the story you have to tell.

Why work with our writing team?

  • Our writing staff has decades of experience writing original content for local, national and international clients.
  • We have a simple process for taking your message from concept to published content.
  • We’re easy to work with and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our content services

  • Website content development
  • Blog writing
  • Press releases
  • Social media messages
  • Offline marketing and advertising
  • Custom writing projects
  • Content editing

“Mary took our existing copy and ideas, asked the right questions, did the proper market research, and created a brand that was exactly what we were looking for. Her ability to take words and phrases we use every day in our industry, and then turn them into a branded corporate culture, exceeded all expectations.”
Bonnie Upright, APR
Senior Vice President – Olympus Foundation Management

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