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SEO Penalty Recovery Services

The right way to repair your rankings.

A wide range of factors can cause your website traffic or rankings to suddenly drop, but penalties assessed by Google are among the first things we look for when diagnosing the problem. Links to a low-quality site, hidden text, keyword-stuffed content, and more can trip one of Google’s penalty filters and knock you out of a good spot on search engine results pages.

We offer penalty assessment services to identify on- and off-page factors that may have resulted in sitewide or page-specific penalties on your site, as well as recovery services to help your site get back on track to regain traffic and rankings. Learn about our prices for SEO penalty recovery services.

Penguin, Panda and more.

Google constantly tweaks its algorithms and filters to increase the relevance of search results to its users. It doesn’t want us to have to look very far or for very long for the right information, so anything Google deems a barrier to that — such as spammy links that direct users to places they don’t want to go — can affect site rankings. There are hundreds of Google ranking factors, but when it comes to the main penalties, there are some specific factors at work. Here’s a summary:

Penguin is not technically a penalty; it’s a filter that devalues spammy links that point back to your site. If your rankings are being affected by Penguin, we can help with recovery services.

Panda is an algorithmically applied filter for on-site factors, such as low-quality content or large quantities of duplicate content on your site. In general, Panda gauges the quality of a site when determining rankings.

Manual penalties are not levied automatically — a human on Google’s web spam team makes the call on assessing a manual penalty. Manual penalties can come from Google seeing evidence of an involvement in link schemes or deceptive link practices, including unnatural outbound or inbound links.

Our penalty recovery process.

The type of penalty that’s been assessed and how it’s affecting your rankings determines our recovery process. We begin with several hours of research, a backlink audit, and report generation to identify the presence of a Penguin or Panda penalty, or, if a manual penalty is suspected, we check Google Search Console for a notice from Google.

Some of the steps we’ll take to correct what led to a penalty include:

  • Obtain link data: We use several tools to pull data on the links to and from your site.
  • Evaluating and removing links: We manually review each link in your backlink profile to assess if a link is helpful or harmful.
  • Submit removal requests to Google: We identify low-quality content or spammy links that factor into penalties and work with you to delete or improve the content, remove or disavow bad links, and file a reconsideration request with Google on your behalf.

These penalty assessment and recovery tasks are laborious, but there are no shortcuts to rebuilding a site’s rankings. These steps are also just the beginning — restoring rankings must include some SEO work, such as the development of new, high-quality links back to your site. There can also be a waiting period for Google to review reconsideration requests and remove penalties.

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