About Us

Meet our team of  marketers.creators.strategists.technicians.

SEO Expert
Managing Partner - SEO
Company founder. Always competitive. Analytics geek and long-suffering Jaguars fan.
Joe Hunt SEM Expert
Managing Partner - PPC
He's a Top Gun (really). One of the rare breed of left-brain/right-brain types.
Mary McDonald Creative Director
Creative Director
Loves to play with sharp things, like glass, knives, needles and words.
Local SEO Expert
SEO Specialist
You may have hung up on him at dinner time 20 years ago, but you'll want to call him now.
SEO Specialist Susan Sisler
SEO Project Manager
Diner experience counts when you have this many skills on your menu.
Andrew Spinner - DAGMAR Marketing
PPC Specialist
Find him on a field, at a poker table, or at a concert. Pretty much everywhere but Twitter.
Karyn Maletich - SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist
A visitor from the real world who (fortunately for us) excels in the digital world.
Kelly Boyer Sagert, Content Marketing Specialist
Content Marketing Specialist
Wherever she goes, whatever she sees, one thought is constant: “There’s a story in that.”
Marketing Specialist SEO Analyst
Business Marketing Analyst
Good at fielding clients’ marketing challenges and a serious team player (and fan).