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Local-search visibility vs. SEO: Does your SEO company know the difference?

Local SEO isn’t the same as SEO — it’s an entirely different marketing strategy designed to make sure that customers find your business when they’re looking for the type of service or product you sell. If your Jacksonville SEO provider isn’t well-versed in the difference, you may be missing your best opportunities to reach the customers you need.

If your customers or your service areas are in Jacksonville rather than nationwide, local SEO is essential to your success. Without it, your competitors who do have a local SEO strategy will be found online faster by potential customers.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO includes all of the most effective strategies of SEO, but uses an additional set of tactics to deliver the benefits of ranking your business on Google Maps.

Google Maps results are displayed higher on the page than organic search results. Because local SEO’s goal is to have your business appear in the top search results when people seek businesses in their local areas, our work for your business focuses on the strategies that help you rank on Google Maps. This section of a search engine results page is reserved just for local businesses, so there’s no competition with nationwide companies that likely dominate organic search results.

Google Maps is today’s Yellow Pages and it’s where customers expect to find you. One of the keys to ensuring your business has a place on Google Maps is having consistent listings of your company’s name, address, and phone number (and more) in online directories across the web, because Google uses these as references for displaying your business in Google Maps.

Google recognizes that local search terms — such as “Jacksonville plumbing company” or “plumbers near me” — convey a clear intent by the searcher to find local businesses. It also knows that most users are looking for phone numbers and addresses first, and Google Maps delivers that information very effectively.

Local Jacksonville SEO is still “organic” SEO, because it’s not about buying ads or otherwise directly paying to be on the first page of search results. It is about doing the work necessary to take advantage of every opportunity to rank well based on what Google looks for when displaying a search engine results page.

Find out How DAGMAR Marketing can help your Jacksonville business be found.

Google takes into account a number of factors in local search, so the strategy we craft for your business includes a range of tactics that take advantage of those factors, such as:

  • In-depth keyword research to find out how people look for a business like yours.
  • On-site optimization that provides the unique “local signals” that search engines use to provide searchers with results in their local area.
  • Online directory submission that makes sure your business is listed correctly and consistently in the online directories that search engines look for.
  • Customer review strategies to promote your business and enhance your reputation.
  • The development of links back to your business from other sites to capitalize on your business relationships.

Why are we the SEO experts you need?

DAGMAR Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that began as a Jacksonville SEO company.

We’re also an Award-Winning Local SEO Agency.

Search engine optimization is very much at the heart of the services we provide, because in today’s online marketplace, there’s nothing more important than visibility. And for a local Jacksonville businesses, there’s nothing more important than being found by customers throughout our area.

Our team is experienced in crafting customized SEO strategies and campaigns that are always built on proven marketing principles. We’ve worked for years in advertising and marketing in the Jacksonville area and understand the local market in which your business competes.Digital Marketing Case Study

No long-term contracts or fine print. Just hard work, month after month.

Getting great local SEO results takes time, but we never ask our clients to sign long-term contracts — we earn your business every month. Everything we do for you is transparent, from how your budget is spent to the specific tactics we implement on your behalf. You’ll get full reporting every month that shows you where every dollar goes and what kind of return you’re getting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jacksonville local SEO Services

A: The power of local SEO is that it capitalizes on your specific local area, no matter the size of your marketplace. As consumers search for products and services nearby, they’re more likely to engage with companies that rank well in local SEO search results. In addition, local SEO results show up before other results at the top of the list on mobile searches, so you’re missing out if you’re not represented in the local results.

It is. Let’s say you’re in Sandalwood and you operate a pizza place called “Joe’s Pizza.” If you’re concentrating on Jacksonville SEO, you might use the phrase “Joe’s Pizza Sandalwood” as a descriptor on some of your pages or in your title tags. This is especially true for businesses that operate multiple locations throughout Jacksonville.

A: Reviews are today’s version of word-of-mouth advertising. And just like the old-fashioned version, today’s online review system helps consumers in your neighborhood find you. Getting the people you serve face-to-face to review your business should help your Jacksonville SEO efforts. We can help you come up with a review acquisition strategy. The better your reviews, the more likely a potential customer is to click on your listing. BrightLocal’s most recent Review Survey found that 93% of users look to reviews to determine if a business is good or bad

You definitely could benefit from taking steps to make sure your franchise location comes up when people in Jacksonville search for services such as yours. Not all franchise organizations optimize for every location they have, so it may be up to you to make sure your Jacksonville location is represented in local search.

This is definitely a good idea, as it helps strengthen communities when people shop locally. There are economic, environmental, and civic benefits to a local shopping movement and, as members of the Jacksonville community, we here at DAGMAR Marketing fully support this movement.

But, as marketing approaches go, Shop Local isn’t the same as an SEO Jacksonville campaign. We can help you with both but the best way to be sure you’re getting the full benefit is to schedule a chat with us or give us a call at (904) 270-9778 for a consultation. We can talk about it and decide what will work best for your business.

The enterprise mindset is certainly different from small and medium-sized business mindsets. That’s also true with the approaches to local SEO used by each type of business. Many of the concepts that shape SEO strategy for enterprise-level organizations are very different from local SEO strategies our smaller customers can benefit from.

For example, as a small or medium-sized business, a major concern is "data standardization" — such as your Name, Address, Phone Numbers (we call these "citations"). This data is used by directories and especially Google when deciding to show your business in the search results based on local search queries. If your citations are incorrect it tells Google and other search engines the information about your location isn't trustworthy. Also, potential customers may try to go to the wrong address, call the wrong number or visit your location when you’re closed. None of these things are good for business.

Data consistency is extra-important if you operate several stores across Jacksonville or you've moved your location in the past, making sure your citations are accurate will be even more crucial.

We can definitely help your business. While most citation sources require an address, there are some that allow a workaround. There are indeed techniques we can apply in cases like yours, where you want your address to be hidden. We also know the best citation sources that allow you to keep your address hidden if you don't serve customers at your location.

Call us or contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss a strategy that would work best for your business. We always create a custom local SEO plan for all our clients, and this would be just another example of something that works for some businesses but not for others.

A. We don't believe in "cookie-cutter" pricing. We create customized local SEO plans for each of our clients, so we can't give a definitive answer without doing an SEO audit of your business and deciding on the best strategies for your needs.

That said, it is common for local SEO packages to start around $1500 but can go up much higher depending on many factors (including number of locations being optimized, how much initial content is needed, and the current state of your SEO).