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Turner Pest Google case study

Clients come to us to help them get better returns on their digital marketing investments. More than once, we’ve done our best work for clients who already recognized that PPC and SEO could shift their businesses into high gear with the right partner. Turner Pest Controls’ Director of Marketing Stacy McKinney is just one example of such a client.

Stacy found DAGMAR Marketing after searching specifically for a Google Partner agency. As Google puts it, the Google Partner designation is earned for having “demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met AdWords spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown your own client base.” As Stacy did, starting with Google Partner status as a criterion for a potential PPC service provider is an efficient way to quickly narrow down candidates.

You can read about the results we’ve gotten for Turner Pest Control through both PPC and SEO here. To find out how our work with Turner led to Google selecting us to be featured in a Google Partner case study, read on.

The Google Partner edge.

One of the many advantages of being a Google Partner is the weekly meetings the partner agency has with Google experts. It gives us a chance to gain more information and insights that aren’t necessarily publicly available and learn more about how we can improve the performance of specific campaigns.

During one of these calls, our Google rep mentioned that Google was increasing its focus on featuring PPC campaigns that were successful on the local level and asked if we had any that fit. We shared some of the numbers we’d achieved for Turner Pest Control—such as reducing the client’s cost-per-conversion by nearly 75 percent—and our rep set a case study of our work into motion.

Track, analyze, measure, repeat.

The ability to track and measure nearly everything we do is clearly one of digital marketing’s greatest advantages over traditional marketing and advertising. That’s just the nuts-and-bolts beginning, however: Analyzing the data and distilling usable insights are where the real value lies. Per Joe Hunt, our managing partner in charge of overseeing our paid search team, says, “Our analytic work lets us draw on our experience as marketers and ad agency veterans to dig in and accurately diagnose problems in campaigns. We then use what we learn to rebuild existing campaigns or create new ones.”

In Turner’s case, after our initial analysis, we saw gaps in the old campaign structure with keyword selection, conversion attribution, device targeting, and budget management. Closing the conversion gaps gave us the correct attribution, accurate cost-per acquisition and ROI.

Our results.

The case study featuring our success with Turner’s AdWords campaigns clearly illustrates the value of digital marketing data. Here’s are a few of the results that we’re proud to say play an ongoing role in Turner Pest Control’s exceptional growth in a highly competitive market:

  • Savings: The cost-per-conversion decreased 73% after we incorporated mobile bid adjustments.
  • Control: Segmenting the PPC campaigns by time of day and the ad groups by services improved the conversion rate.
  • Precision: Setting up call-tracking numbers allowed for a deeper level of analysis, with complete attribution data for all conversion types and accurate ROI numbers for our client.

The role of SEO.

Our local SEO strategies continue to contribute to our client’s overall success as well. During one of Turner’s best years for growth, our SEO work resulted in a 62 percent uptick in organic search traffic. In addition, organic search rankings for main service keywords are now in first and second positions; previously, they were on the second page of search results. DAGMAR Partner Chris Gregory, who heads up our SEO division, notes that “We get these results in part by carefully planning content that revolves around building topical depth and by constructing geolocation pages for each Turner location. As Turner expands into new markets on the local level, we replicate our content and optimization work for each new location as well.

Our growth is the result of achievements across all aspects of our company,

including our successful AdWords campaigns as part of our overall marketing strategy.”

—Stacy McKinney, Director of Marketing for Turner Pest Control

Is PPC right for you?

PPC and other forms of paid search are completely data-driven and a fast, efficient way to tightly target your online advertising. Read the Google case study, then get in touch to find out if PPC is a good fit for your marketing goals.

Chris Gregory

Chris founded DAGMAR Marketing and directs all of the agency's SEO strategy development and implementation. He is a Certified Master SEO by Market Motive and OMCP.

Chris founded DAGMAR Marketing and directs all of the agency's SEO strategy development and implementation. He is a Certified Master SEO by Market Motive and OMCP.

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