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Our client is in one of the most competitive industries in Florida: pest control. We’ve helped Turner Pest Control significantly grow its business across multiple cities with results such as these:

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How we made it happen.

Turner’s Director of Marketing Stacy McKinney had been tasked with revamping the company’s marketing strategy and knew she needed a partner to expand its online presence. Turner had seen some success with SEO and their paid search traffic, but wanted significant improvement.

The company’s previous SEO provider didn’t rank for their own search terms. We did, and Turner’s search was over.

Research first.

Before we talk with a client about prices or proposals, we do some digging to find out what they really need. In Turner Pest Control’s case, initial research pointed to signs that prior SEO tactics had had left them with a Penguin penalty from Google that was negatively affecting search rankings.

We created a penalty recovery program in addition to our other SEO services and were able to show substantial gains in traffic in the first three months.

“Everyone at DAGMAR is an expert in their specific field, with great ideas and attention to detail.”

Comprehensive strategies.

Because Turner Pest Control has locations in several major Florida markets, we developed a content strategy that included adding location-specific content to the client’s website, focused on unique sets of keywords for each market.

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We rebuilt the company’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns from scratch, segmenting the campaigns by time of day and ad groups by services, then fully optimized all campaigns. The result is a higher conversion rate, more efficient ad spend, and greater control over the consumption of the budget.

We’ve also set up call tracking numbers that allowed a level of conversion analysis that was unprecedented for our client. Using call tracking numbers and a third-party application, we can clearly segment phone call conversions originating from AdWords mobile ads versus call conversions originating from landing pages. This gives us complete attribution for all conversion types within the campaigns and concrete cost-per-acquisition and ROI numbers for our client.

Ongoing PPC management includes frequent monitoring of budget consumption and adjusting according to weekly and daily patterns. Overall, the cost per conversion has been reduced 73% since rebuilding the PPC program.

“Our SEO and AdWords positions are up significantly and our leads are up over 200% from last year.”

Turner also calls on us to create a diverse range of content, including email blasts and letters to customers, web pages, banner ads, brochures, and more.

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