Mary McDonald – Creative Director

Mary McDonald Creative Director

Mary’s first published work was the neighborhood newspaper she wrote and sold for a quarter in second grade. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Mary works with clients to develop content for everything from websites to taglines. Her background includes positions as senior copywriter and associate creative director for a regional advertising agency, and project manager for a web design/development shop. As creative director for DAGMAR, she also works on marketing strategy development and information architecture.

She (and her debit card) pursue several creative activities, including playing with high temperatures and sharp things in her kilnformed glass studio and stabbing herself with sewing and knitting needles. Ouch.



First paying job

“File clerk at a court reporting school in 11th grade. I lasted a week, but probably should have stuck with it. I’d be a close-captioning wizard by now.”

Best advice I ever got

“Remember that no one is indispensable.”

Famous last Tweet

“We and everyone who remembers us will be gone someday. Go ahead and order the creme brulee.”