Social Media Advertising

Zero in on your best prospective customers.

Paid social media advertising’s distinct advantage over other forms of advertising is its advanced targeting — you can get in front of new customers who have already shared information that tells you where their interests are.

As a form of pay-per-click advertising, it also offers clear conversion tracking, so its performance is simple to measure.

We help our clients seize their social media advertising opportunities with a range of services:

  • Goal definition and campaign strategy: We start by understanding your business objectives and the audience you want to reach.
  • Research and segmentation: Precise targeting by a number of variables is one of the strengths of social media advertising. We research your audience and segment your potential customers according to your goal criteria.
  • Ad and landing page design and development: Our creative work is built on the identified goals and audience research.
  • Campaign optimization: As with any PPC campaign, we monitor likes, shares, conversions and more to find opportunities to fine-tune and test messages and timing.
  • Reporting: Each month, we provide a detailed report on your campaign’s results and review both the challenges and opportunities.

Social media advertising grew to more than $10 billion last year, and for good reason: Social media platforms constantly gather data on users that advertisers can use to precisely target their best prospects. Depending upon the social network, social media advertising’s powerful targeting options include reaching specific audiences based on their purchasing behavior, the interest they’ve shown in a product, activity, or industry, and other demographic details.

We’ll work with you to identify the social media networks that offer your business the greatest potential for a positive ROI. Learn about our pricing for SEO and PPC services.

Facebook advertising

Facebook has the largest number of users of all social networks by far — there are well over a billion users at last check and the vast majority are daily active users. With its robust data and advertising tools, Facebook strikes a good balance between being cost-effective and a powerful way to reach tightly segmented audiences.

We help our clients focus on the right potential audiences and develop a strategy for targeting those audiences when they are most likely to not only be on Facebook, but also to engage.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn has taken the lead in B2B connections among social networks. It’s grown beyond a resume/job market board into a place where more than 400 million professionals publish content, make new connections, and conduct business. If your audience is comprised of other businesses or executives, LinkedIn offers ways to reach them through sponsored content, and display, text, and dynamic ads.

Our LinkedIn advertising services can help you reach audiences segmented by job title, industry and more.

Twitter advertising

Paid Twitter advertising can play an important role in increasing traffic to your site, allowing you to target a niche audience and drive conversions. It offers the same type of budget-management tools and campaign monitoring that other forms of PPC does but often at lower costs. Twitter also gives you a number of ways to advertise, from promoted tweets that can be segmented by interests, location, device, and more, to promoted accounts that display in a user’s Who to Follow list.

We’ll help you create targeted campaigns to the right audience among the more than 300 million active users and gather insights you can use throughout your marketing program.

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