Karyn Maletich

Karyn Maletich - SEO Specialist

Karyn Maletich – SEO Specialist

Karyn has more than a decade of experience in customer service and nearly four years in digital marketing as a web presence specialist. Skills she gained in this short time include social media management, online reputation management, and client account service. As an SEO Specialist at DAGMAR, Karyn provides research, reporting, and analytics services for our local and national clients, as well as helping develop long-term SEO strategies.

Karyn earned an associate in arts degree from the State College of Florida in Bradenton. When she’s not keeping DAGMAR’s digital marketing clients happy, you may find Karyn out in the real world camping, boating, or hiking.

First paying job

“My first real paycheck came from a local restaurant. I worked my way up from hosting to waiting tables.”

Best advice I ever got

“You’ll always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did.”

Famous last Tweet

“Visiting the digital world is fun, but living in the real world is truly a gift.”