Chris Gregory – Managing Partner

SEO Expert

When Chris first encountered SEO, he thought it looked interesting and gave it a test drive. Once he saw how well it worked — and how he could make it work better — it was game on.

Chris is our director of SEO and spends most of his time digging deep into data and creating marketing strategies for our clients. He’s a Certified Master SEO and SEO mentor for Market Motive. He comes from a business background, having been a sales manager for a leading network communications company and the operations manager for an online business directory publisher.

He has a business administration degree from Ball State University and was accepted into the Masters of Social Work program at Southern Indiana University while working at a treatment facility for at-risk youth.

A long-time Jaguars fan, Chris can often can be found shouting “move the chains!” when we get a first-page ranking for a client.


 First paying job

“Corn detassling at the age of 15. They said it would be the hardest physical work we’d ever do. They were right.”

Best advice I ever got

“Just because you have a right to say something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to say.”

Famous last Tweet

“I love this digital world we all play in, but have decided to enjoy the world we all live in.”