Joe Hunt – Managing Partner

Joe Hunt - Managing Partner

Whatever Joe does, he’s all about great design, whether it’s an ad or a full-on campaign strategy. Solid marketing instincts, creativity and a way with technology are his stock in trade.

Joe heads up DAGMAR’s paid search and design work, focusing on PPC strategy and analysis. He’s had an extensive career in the advertising and marketing world: creative director and graphic designer for regional ad agencies, online advertising manager for a software development company, and design/publication manager for an online business directory publisher.

He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and is a Market Motive Certified Master PPC (he was named “Top Gun” in Market Motive’s certification course). Joe’s free time is spent on motorcycles or on his professional photography — although not at the same time, we hope.



First paying job

“I was a lifeguard at a local community pool in Pennsylvania when I was 16. The pay was low, but the perks were good.”

Best advice I ever got

“Never let anybody tell you ‘it can’t be done.”

Famous last Tweet

“See you on the other side! #whatsnext”