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One of the most important tools for anyone who operates a website is Google Analytics. It is a powerful, free tool available to all website owners.

At times you may need to allow people access to your analytics account. This could be an employee who’s working on your website or a consultant you’ve hired for marketing. You don’t need to be concerned about granting access to your analytics account because you don’t have to provide people with your login. There’s a simple process to give someone access and it takes (literally) less than 30 seconds.

1) Go to your Google Analytics account (or type in

Google Analytics Sign In

2) If you have multiple sites you own or manage, choose the website for which you are giving access.

Google Analytics Site Access

3) Go to the “Admin” tab on your analytics account and then choose “User Management.

Google Analytics User Management

4) The User Management section is where you will grant access (you must be an administrator of the site to add users). You can restrict users to only certain aspects of your information or you can grant them full access. Depending on what the user will be doing with your data, this will determine what their access level should be. If they are only pulling reports and looking at traffic, then “Read” access may be appropriate. But if you have a marketer or consultant who is responsible for creating goals or performing other advanced analytics actions, you may choose “Manage Users” and “Edit” to give full access.

Put the user’s email (this must be a Google account) in the “add permissions for” section (you can choose to notify the user by email), then click the “Add” button.

Google Analytics Add User

That’s it — you’ve now granted user access to someone without giving out your own information. You can delete a user almost as easily by navigating to this screen and clicking “delete” next to any user whose access you wish to revoke.

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