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A must for local businesses.

Local-search visibility vs. SEO: Does your provider know the difference?

Local SEO isn’t another flavor of SEO — it’s an entirely distinct discipline. If your local SEO company isn’t well-versed in the difference, you may be missing critical opportunities to reach your best potential customers.

If your customers are in your neighborhood rather than nationwide, local SEO is essential to a successful marketing strategy. This is especially important if your local market is saturated with similar competitors. With search engines putting greater emphasis on delivering local results to users’ queries, it’s a given that competitors with a complete local SEO plan in place will be found first.

Why work with us on local SEO?

  • Your business depends on local visibility
  • You don’t have time to work on your local rankings
  • You haven’t had success with your last local SEO company
  • Local SEO is one of our core services
  • We consistently get great results for our local SEO clients


SEO tactics come and go. Instead of spending your budget chasing Google’s latest algorithm, however, we build your local SEO campaign on solid marketing strategies. Our focus on the factors that truly matter helps create local visibility that endures and positions you for natural rankings growth over time.

The local SEO campaign we create for you involves work in several areas, including:

  • Keyword research to determine how people look for your business.
  • Onsite optimization that provides special local signals to the search engines.
  • Online citation development to establish accurate business information in online directories.
  • Review strategies to promote your business.
  • Local link development to capitalize on your business relationships.

Google is still your most important local marketing channel. We’ll make it work for you.

Learn how we price our SEO campaigns.

Whether you’re new to local SEO, have spent too much already without results, or just want to work with people you can trust to have your best business interests at the heart of all they do for you, we’d love to talk with you.

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