Search Engine Optimization

SEO campaigns built around your needs.

Solid marketing comes first.

What if there was no Google?

If there was no such thing as search engines, how would you market your business? The answer to that is where our work with you begins, because the fundamentals of marketing provide the most powerful launching point for all of your online efforts. Strong relationships with your customers, a clear brand presence in your marketplace, relevant messages on the right channels — without these, all of the SEO tactics in the world will fall short.

We want to hear about your business goals and the marketing you already have in place to support them. We’ll work with you to uncover new marketing opportunities that align with what SEO can do. Let’s capitalize on your existing marketing equity, adding the power of SEO and PPC where they can have the greatest impact.

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This marketing-first approach varies from most service providers in one very important way:

We do speak Panda, Penguin and other Google languages, of course, and we’ll make the course corrections that every SEO pro must. But the more your SEO is built on solid marketing, the less your success will depend on the latest algorithm tweak.

What we’ll do for you.

Great SEO would be easy if off-the-shelf solutions could do the job, but they can’t. Like any other type of advertising or marketing, SEO campaigns must be built from scratch with only those strategies that make sense for your business. Here’s how we do it:

Craft custom campaigns, delivered with personal service.

To successfully customize your campaign, we work closely with your in-house team to augment their skill sets and make the most of what they do best. And that takes time, listening to your team, exploring possibilities and always being available to answer your questions.

Go deep on analysis.

First, let’s see what your competitors are up to. What keywords are they targeting, what are they ranking for and what do their Google Adwords campaigns look like? A thorough analysis will help uncover some of the DNA in your competitors’ online strategy.

Dig for insights.

Rankings are just one set of the moving parts that lead to success. We mine your site analytics for marketing intelligence you can use throughout your marketing, both online and off.

Openly share our findings and our knowledge.

We’ve found that the most efficient (and enjoyable) route to success is a great relationship with your team. That means freely and regularly sharing information on what we’re doing and why. We’ll even be glad to provide training on tasks that can be managed in-house. There’s no top-secret formula that keeps us in business; just hard work.

What we do is measurable from beginning to end and from month to month. That’s why we don’t have long-term contracts, preferring to earn your business every day.

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