Inbound Marketing Results

It’s all in the numbers.

The days when you broadcast your message and wondered if anyone was listening are long gone. With the data that now drives marketing, you’ll know the return on your investment. Here are just a few examples of how our Inbound marketing services measured up.

A new strategy to take control
Turner Case Study
INDUSTRY: Regional pest control company

It takes a comprehensive strategy to thrive in one of the most competitive industries in Florida. Our Local SEO and PPC work continues to contribute to our client’s extraordinary success.

  • Organic search traffic up 62%
  • Mobile conversions up 257%
  • An average of 194 new leads per month

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Building a B2C bridge
INDUSTRY: National consumer-contractor matching service

The client’s site was established, but they had entered a highly competitive space in the market. Our SEO, PPC and content development services helped them ramp up both traffic and conversions.

  • Organic Search Traffic up 117%
  • SEO Conversions Increased 376%
  • PPC Conversions Increased 174%

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A plan for success
INDUSTRY: Legal insurance benefits plan provider

To help our client bolster the success of their traditional sales force with digital marketing, we initiated a comprehensive SEO strategy. The client now has an ongoing solid presence on Google’s first page.

  • Increased top-five rankings to 26+
  • Increased first-page rankings to 35+
  • Increased targeted traffic 82%

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Heating up the local competition
INDUSTRY: Local HVAC contractor

Companies in local service industries can’t afford to keep a low profile. We put all of our tools to work to carve out a solid spot for our client in the local marketplace, increasing organic web traffic by more than a third.

  • Targeted traffic up 318%
  • Increased first-page rankings to 12+
  • Lead generation up 74%

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Real gains in real estate
INDUSTRY: Luxury oceanfront residential community

Gaining ground in search results is especially challenging for a brand-new site, but our SEO work brought the client’s site to the top of Google in six months.

  • Increased first-page rankings to 20+
  • Increased goal conversions 223%
  • Increased targeted traffic 478%

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The right diagnosis
INDUSTRY: Local medical practice

When the client got in touch with us about their sinking rankings, we looked beyond their website to find the cause. Our findings led to a 20 percent increase in the average visit duration.

  • Increased first-page rankings to 25+
  • Increased #1 SERP positions to 11
  • Increased visit duration 23%

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Healthy organic rankings for Healthcare IT
INDUSTRY: International healthcare IT consulting

When one sale can be worth millions, the pressure is high to get every ounce of performance from marketing. Our plan led to fast closure on a deal that had been in the works for a year.

  • Targeted traffic up 43%
  • Increased first-page rankings to 10+
  • Lead generation up 82%

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Looking beyond the surface
INDUSTRY: Local carpet cleaning, stone refinishing and stone restoration services

It’s a challenge to compete on price when you provide high-end services, so we unearthed a new strategy that helped our client own a select category that keeps the phone ringing.

  • Increased first-page rankings to 27+
  • Increased #1 SERP positions to 15
  • Increased targeted traffic 24%

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Digging for answers, striking gold
INDUSTRY: Nationwide weight-loss program

SEO was already in place when we got there, but rankings were poor. We analyzed every aspect of the client’s site and found critical content that Google couldn’t see. Solving the problem led to a 145 percent increase in calls.

  • Targeted traffic up 23%
  • Increased first-page rankings to 75+
  • Lead generation up 67%

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